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Learning -playing through games and role playing.

For this special-purpose teaching we employ highly  qualified tutors who are all CRB certified. The tutoring will be conducted through games whilst playing at different levels: whether for very small children that are just starting to get acquainted with language, or in an extended course for children to reach mother tongue level.

Classically Structured

For children at very early stage of learning; either starting or with a more basic knowledge of the target language; based on the four skills of writing, reading, listening and speaking

Skill Focused

For children with a basic knowledge of the language and in need of focusing on improving their writing or reading or speaking 


For children with a good knowledge of the language.  The tutor and child will set up either a game or  role play  and   special emphasis will be given to  accuracy, pronunciation and fluency

The first lesson is regarded as a trial lesson to ensure student satisfaction and it free of charge and commitment

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