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Assisting  with an appproach individually tailored  to the nature of the business.

Two typical projects we have undertaken:


  • with a major overseas operator in a renewable energy project involving succesfully finding  the financing and engineering partner, facilitating the dialogue between the parties taking the project forward and dealing with translation and interpreting.

  • market research for Italian  wine companies identifying  and negotiating with  distributers in the UK, dealing with sales and organizing participation in an international wine fair

We offer:

Market research                                

Identifying appropriate  companies, and finding the contact details of the key people                              

Contacting target companies                                  

Contacting the companies to present a project and explain its feasibility 

Facilitating the progression of the business project                              

This involves supporting the dialogue between the parties, which can involve organising meetings to describe the project. Help ensuring a positive outcome; this can be supported by identifing appropriate cross border  legal advisers; and undertaking the translations   

We also provide English mother tongue personel  to come abroad to support families or business

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