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Classic training which can bring  students up to  to mother-tongue levels.

Exercise for the brain: "use it or lose it"

Learning a language,  rediscovering the fun in being intellectually stimulated  has been shown by scientists as one of the most successful methods to stretch and keep the brain performing. It is a highly  effective training of the intellectual faculties.  


We are able to organize lessons that will refresh the speed and analytical skills of the  brain and make  you feel intellectually more energetic and  emotionally satified.  

Our  professional staff are graduates and fully-qualified mother tongue speakers, each with a minimum of five years teaching experience.

We give our tuition  either at the client's office or home.

We have extensive experience of personalized  language teaching  built up over a decade of tutoring both one-to-one and in groups.

Our innovative methods enable all our students to speak, understand and deal in fluent Italian  

We take great care to match the right tutor for the student,  and to create an individual approach for each one. We also teach  English for foreign students to improve vocabulary, accent and fluency. 



The first lesson is regarded as a trial lesson to ensure student satisfaction and it free of charge and commitment

We offer three type of training: 

Classically Structured Training

Appropriate for very early stage of learning; for students either starting or with a more basic knowledge of the target language;  based on the four skills of writing, reading, listening and speaking

Skill Focused Training

The training has a more academic approach and is for those who have reached  intermediate level. The course can focus on the one particular skill that the student wishes to perfect: whether reading, writing, listening, speaking.


For students who have reached an advanced level, this tuition focuses on topics either suggested by the student or the tutor. The tutor and student will discuss the topic having prepared it in advance, with special emphasis on accuracy, pronunciation and fluency

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