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Sharing a learning experience is a fun joint experience.

Chilling out with  friends, partners, fiancée, husbands and wifes, or helping children. Starting to learn Italian together, learning and laughing.  Sharing a learning experience is fun. Learning Italian while playing  charade, role plays, riddle is an unique experience.

We offer three types of training:

The Classically-constructed training

Designed for beginners. Focuses on the four basic skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Skill focused training

The training has a more academic approach and for those with an intermediate level.  The tuition focuses on the one particular skill that the student wishes to perfect whether reading, writing, listening, speaking.


Appropriate for  students with an advanced level.  Either academic conversations , role plays or playing charades.

The first lesson is regarded as a trial lesson to ensure student satisfaction and it free of charge and commitment

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