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Replaces the need for translators  or interpreters for discussion with business partners.

The aim of the Professional Training  is to both give a mastery in Italian, English as well as giving awareness of  those cultural differences crucial for delivering ideas.


This course is structured around the specific needs of the student's profession. In tutoring we use authentic materials of the relevant profession; for example witness statements for legal professionals, financial reports for bankers, or academic essays for scholars.

We offer three type of training :

Classically-constructed Training

The tuition focuses on the four basic skills of speaking, reading,  listening and writing.  It can be pursued to the level sought:   competent,  intermediate or  advanced level.

Skill-focused Training

The tuition focuses on the one particular skill that the student wishes to perfect whether reading, writing, listening or speaking.  For professionals starting from an intermediate level.



For Professionals at  an advanced level, our conversation practice focuses  on relevant topics,  suggested either by the student or  by the tutor.   The tutor and student will converse about the topic , with special emphasis on accuracy, pronunciation and  fluency.

The first lesson is regarded as a trial lesson to ensure student satisfaction and it free of charge and commitment

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